General University Hospital in Prague

The Addictology Clinic and Anima Therapy, specializing in family therapy

  • supervised by Mgr. et. Mgr. Jarmila Tolimatová

National Institute of Mental Health, Prague

Specializing in clinical psychology and diagnostics.

  • supervised by Doc. Marek Preiss, PhD

Psychotherapeutic Clinic Hermes in Prague

Specializing in psychiatry, individual therapy and couples counseling

  • supervised by MUDr. František Matuška

University of New York in Prague, Counselling Centre

Specializing in school psychology and counseling.

  • supervised by Prof. Radek Ptáček, PhD. and Dr. Craig McNulty

The City Practice, Prague

Specializing in psychological counseling and diagnostics

  • supervised by Dr. Craig McNulty


Bachelor and undergraduate


I am a member of the Czech Society for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ČSKBT.

Special thanks to

Big thank you to my trainers and supervisors, in particular:

  • Prof