What can I help you with?

I am a psychologist offering my services to individuals and/or couples with a variety of mental health issues and people going through crisis. I can help you with anxieties and sadness, phobias, trauma and stress management, low self esteem, feelings of disappointment, lack of motivation, relationship problems (break up, divorce, infidelity) and other life challenges.

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Hana Gistlová

“What is the meaning of life? - I believe that the question is not right. The right question to ask is: What meaning should I give to my life?” VIKTOR FRANKL

Clients come to me most often when

  • they are overwhelmed by stressful situations and crises
  • they have difficulties in interpersonal relationships
  • they face a relationship crisis
  • they find themselves in difficult life situations
  • they are not sure about what decision to make
  • they need to overcome the consequences of trauma
  • they experience anxiety, fear or panic
  • they are in a bad mood, have low self-esteem or face stage fright
  • they have problems at work
  • they need to adapt to change
  • they want to improve their presentation skills, ranging from meeting new people to influencing others
  • they need to clarify the hierarchy of values and goals in career development
  • they need to adapt to a new environment
  • corporate clients approach me to consult matters of recruiting and leading people, personal development plans and mental hygiene, communication at the workplace, issues of burnout, training of soft skills (feedback, asking favors, praise, encouragement, compromise, mediation etc.)
  • I lived abroad for many years and I can help your prepare and adapt to a new environment and culture.
  • I provide counseling in Czech and English.

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Business Centre MAX
Kubíčkova 6
Brno - Bystrc