Frequently asked questions

What should I expect?

You can expect a conversation between two experts. You, the expert on your own life, and me, the psychologist.

Should I bring something with me?

You can bring a bottle of water or a tea, but it is not necessary. Mainly you will need to bring openness, willingness to cooperate and work on yourself.

When can I get a discount?

If you plan to intensely work on improving your issues and the nature of your problems require long-term cooperation, we might arrange a special price.

Can I disagree with what you’re saying?

Of course you can. The whole process is based on cooperation and mutual clarification of attitudes and opinions.

Will you help me?

I’ll do all I can to help you help yourself. I’ll be your guide in the figurative mountains of troubles. Alas, I am not a “Sherpa” who can carry you all the way up to the top.

Do you adhere to a professional code of ethics?

When are you available?

If your need is truly urgent, we can meet quickly. Usually, I schedule appointments several days in advance. We can also arrange an appointment on weekends or in the evening hours if necessary.

What if I need to cancel our appointment?

If for whatever reason you can’t make it for your consultation, please let me know as soon as possible before the scheduled date of your appointment.

How long does a session usually take?

Our session will usually last about 50-60 minutes, but it may sometimes take a bit longer.